I missed this

This used to be my embarrassing life when I was 16. I stopped blogs and making shmancy profile pages with insane html codes in exchange for a social life that would never allow me the guts to let people know I know what CSS stylesheets are, cuz shit just wasn’t cool in the early thousands. So I suppose with age, comes balance. And at the hearty, ripened age of 23, I think I can take this on again and not become engulfed in a world of codes and colours.

Intro blogs are never interesting, I know this man. I will keep it short: I’m starting this again because I miss writing. And I miss airing out my gripes and passions and new of-the-minute obsessions (sharks, for the time being). I will react to other things I read, perhaps start blog-beef should I feel it fit, and I will go on my own rants about what I think is wrong with people and things and what I think is right.

That’s it yo.

PS. Saw The Dark Knight last night: Soooooo fucking sick. Go pee beforehand. You must. Especially if you’re eating or drinking during the movie. Actually just don’t drink during the movie.


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