Everybody can judge, not just God.

Writing blogs like the one I’m going to start make me feel like a bad person, but I can’t help it. People annoy me to pieces.

I’ve been reading some peoples blogs, mainly girls my age to see what’s shakin in their hoods, and all I’m finding are the most irritating people known to man. 20 year old girls giving “how-to” lessons to us less fortunate folk who haven’t managed to nab the opposite sex and other young dames talking about how difficult their lives are, what with school and work and all those crazy shenanigans, but how they thrive off the pain, they’re not complaining.

Shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup. Call me bitter (a lot of people do) but who does a freshly legal girl think she is giving “tips”? “Flirt with your coworkers”. Thanks, I’m not trying to be the resident ho at the Olive Garden. I too know that acting like a girly-girl and touching a boy’s arm when I speak to him will hint that I’m interested. Cosmo circa 1922 gave that tip to the babes of the Great Depression as well, so you’re not as innovative as you think. Boys want to fuck you when you do these things. And since boys fuck just about anything that is willing, your tips are futile. Why put in the effort when I can just as easily use the tried and true, “Nice shoes, wanna fuck?”. At least I’m cutting to the chase and not coming across as an idiot.

And to you, Miss Hit-Me-With-Your-Best-Shot Life

People who want to make something of their lives do all the grueling things you do. We go to school, we work, we exercise, we do extra currics, and we DO complain or at least resent it from time to time, because that’s what people do. You’re not an inspiration, we don’t envy this, because you’re taking the humanity out of it. Can’t remember the last time I thought to myself, “I wish I were abnormal”, and loving the pain of routine and everyday life is not normal. You’re just weird, and we’re not impressed. I wish I could name names but man that would be mean.

Now excuse me while I take my seat on the saddle of my high horse and say that I’m embarrassed that these kinds of people are my peers. They are quite possibly what people expect when I say I’m a 23 year old girl. Isn’t that awful? How can you ask me to not be arrogant when this is my competition? Be serious. We’re not old. We don’t have the experience under our belts to give tips or to thrive on mundane routines.

Ugh I’m just so above it 🙂


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