Happy Thanksgiving!

Five months is better than three years right? I’m working on it.

Progress report:

I figured out the solution to being catty: rid myself of the people I clearly have issues with. I thought long and hard about why I have so many frustrations and resentful feelings towards some of the people in my life and I realized that I really just don’t like them as people very much. The common denominator between the people I don’t have these feelings about is that I truly love them. Of course I have my grievances about some of their traits, but it’s not something I constantly air out because I’ve accepted these things as characteristics of the people that make my life better and that I really like being around.

So I laid some groundwork to expulse the bad and now my tally of regular contacts is about 7 or 8. I somehow feel more genuine. I think I had this thing in the back of my head that always said to keep as many people around as possible, but everything feels better without the extras.

I have not yet mastered the art of getting things done. I’m trying. Really, really hard. Today I started an assload of laundry and have been rifling through all this old stuff to try and purge the garbawj. That obviously got interrupted with blogging. Focus. I need focus.

Aaand as for being more positive. I think I’m doing a lot better. That was an easy mental game and a fun one at that. Obviously there’s always room for growth, but I’m still making people laugh so there’s a happy medium.

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my pals did a blog post for five things she’s thankful for this year and I liked it, so here I am giving her the most sincere form of flattery:

  • I’m thankful that Seneca’s corp comm program was only one year. That was the most miserable nine months of my life and I’m happy to be free. I’m also thankful they paid for most of my misery.
  • I’m thankful that RIM made available the option to remove BBM. Cleanse and a half.
  • I’m thankful to Hila Sharif for allowing me to discover Aleksander Skarsgard and the magic that is Eric Northman.
  • I’m thankful to the Aryan race for making some of the most handsomest boys like the earlier mentioned Aleksander, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and all the other blonde hair-blue eyed dolls I’ve come to love in 2011.
  • I’m thankful to be employed and be on the track to doing something I love. I was thisclose to getting trapped into doing agonizing work for the money and JC am I happy that I saw it and ran away from it.

Sufficient blogpost yeah? Happy Thanksgiving friends that I do not have on WordPress. Maybe one day you’ll find me and wish me a belated one. Eat well, but stay hungry 😉


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