Can’t sleep, here’s why

You know what the thing about the movie Saw is? It’s not just scary because of creepy masks and brutal torture and eerie voices. Not only did the writer(s?) manage to incorporate every single scary scenario I’ve ever imagined in this movie, but it was based on a theme that applies to basically everyone.

I have a really hard time with horror movies where I fear for my safety after watching them and eventually just have to fall asleep with the lights on in order to get somewhere. Usually what I try to do to make myself feel better is think about why the situation in the movie can’t happen to me. But with Saw, I have a marionette clown on a tricycle, a red-hooded monkey raccoon creeping in a dark parking lot, a guy with a sheet over him in the closet and a killer cancer patient all in my head, and they could all very well come and get me because I don’t appreciate my life like Saw says I should.

I discover something new about this movie every time I watch it. Still wish I never saw it so I could effin sleep.


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