Has it really come to online dating?

You should feel really lucky to be reading my blog because I am, in fact, one of nature’s great wonders. I am 27 years old, university-educated, outgoing, rumoured to be funny, slim-figured, and objectively cute in a very non-threatening girls-like-me kinda way. Here’s where the wonder comes in: I’ve never had a boyfriend before o_0.

This hasn’t been a choice. I’ve dated a lot, but whether it’s been my choice or the other person’s, it’s just never gotten to that “I’m committed to you” level. And now that I’m a little older and slowly pulling out of the club scene, it’s become even harder to meet people. And that’s not even saying that when I was in the clubs it was so easy. Like most girls, I get approached by the sleaziest guys because they’re the ones with the biggest balls. I’m assuming they’ve been rejected so many times that it no longer phases them so they have nothing to lose (sorry, sleazy guys). Most of the guys I’ve met, I’ve had to approach and I HATE that. Shouldn’t one of perks of being a girl be that the guys do the work in those situations? And on a side-note, I feel like this is a Toronto issue because anywhere else I go, the normal guys have no issues with approaching girls. Anyway the point is, my ovaries aren’t getting any less shriveled and I’m running out of ways to meet people.

I decided I was gonna try out for The Bachelor Canada, but my mom was NOT having it. Something about embarrassing the family. Whatevz. None of my friends have options to set me up with, and I can’t sit in bookstores all day waiting for someone who looks smart to not talk to me. What’s left? The dreaded online dating sites.

I feel like the options for older people on dating sites are way better. These are career-focused people that don’t circuit the club/bar scene, and spend their free time with their friends having a good time, not focusing on preying on the opposite sex. Their options in social situations are understandably more limited than someone like me, who as I mentioned before was laid off so I have all the free time in the world, and my life sadly revolves around its social aspect. I have this 2001 idea that the people around my age on dating sites are socially awkward or horribly unattractive, which is why throwing myself in that scene is scary as all hell to my self-esteem.

Half of me thinks I’m above online dating, but the other half is really tired of eating dinner alone, so you’re now reading the words of the newest member of OkCupid. The selection is surprisingly OK, but I AM SO SCARED OF SOMEONE I KNOW FINDING ME!!! For anyone scared of taking the plunge, I’ll take one for the team and tell you how it goes.


3 thoughts on “Has it really come to online dating?

    • Oh God I HOPE that’s not what I’m saying! But it definitely doesn’t get better at 27, I can tell you that for sure. And thanks for the links!!! So hilarious and soooooo helpful to my self-esteem. Lol you’ve made my evening.

  1. I took the plunge on pof. its yo turn now! Please continue to keep us posted!

    and for the record can i just say i think ud be the greatest thing that ever happened to bachelor canada lol.

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