I have a love affair with the States, particularly Boston.

  • I like to think of myself as someone who can’t be categorized, but you’ll probably find a way.
  • I think I’m smarter than most of the people I meet, but I also thought the word “awry” was pronounced “aw-ree” until a year ago (I graduated with an English degree).
  • I’m vain
  • Even though everything up there would point to someone who’s ostracized on the regular, I’m actually really sociable and make friends easily.
  • I get along with girls more than guys, and I have a strong distaste for when girls claim the opposite.
  • I’m Canadian, for some people that means something. Take from it what you will.
  • When people don’t like me, I feel it reflects poorly on their character.

This is all stuff that will eventually be revealed in my writing. I don’t want to give any background context because then I will be pigeon-holed and ellsho isn’t about that.


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